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Inspirational Guidance is a personal development blog that provides information on

building self-confidence

Writing and using affirmations

the power of Visualization /visualisation and deep breathing affirmations to help you achieve your goals.

You will also find New Thought / Spiritual information and free personal development downloads

I use the tools I write about. They have helped save my life. A tad dramatic maybe but it is true. I went from sticking with the status quo to changing things to suit what I wanted. I went from never being able to say no to people to assertively speaking my truth.

My life took a different path when I made the conscious decision to transform my life.


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inspirational guidance

I started thinking about providing inspirational guidance back in 2008. I love to empower women over 30 into believing they are more than they believe themselves to be.

Why go through life believing you are not enough or wishing you could go after your dream. Build the self-confidence you need to enjoy your life.

Inspirational Guidance provides inspiring information that will guide you towards building self-confidence. It makes a lot of sense that you learn about self-confidence building if you want to experience freedom from doubt, build belief in your ability to succeed and overcome negative views of yourself so you can pursue your dream. I spent years feeling worthless. Eventually I had to make a choice. Continue as I was or transform my life. I chose the latter. If you are ready to change the status quo my aim is to support you.

building self confidence