The most famous six-word story which is also a memoir was written by Ernest Hemingway. His peers bet him that he could not write a short story in just six words. He is quoted as saying that he saw this story as his best work.

“For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

I challenged myself to write 101 six-word stories that can be used as reminders to help people stay positive/upbeat. You can download the PDF at the end of the blog post.

Some of them are spiritual affirmations, others are words to help you build confidence, stay strong and tap into your inner strength. A few of them might even bring a smile to your face and a positive mental attitude into your life.

Sometimes in the middle of all the darkness we forget that seeking the joy in life can do plenty to lift our spirits and give us a different outlook. If I get six words to change your life without having to read a complete self-help book then my work is done!

101 Positively Inspiring six-word stories

  1.     Life Sucks? Your dreams never die.
  2.     Even when you doubt, things happen.
  3.     Can’t cope? Breathe and let go.
  4.     Your thoughts create actions then results.
  5.     No matter how old. You matter.
  6.     Through prayer, broken pieces become whole.
  7.     True joy is in the journey.
  8.     You’re sexy when you resonate truth.
  9.     Let your truth shine from within.
  10. Express your creative energy through passion.
  11. The real I lives within me.
  12. Today I know who I am.
  13. When you dream, you’re set free.
  14. Act with certainty when you’re unsure.
  15. Existing deep within is personal power.
  16. Your inner voice waits for expression.
  17. When love dies, let love remain.
  18. I recognize the feeling of unity.
  19. Can you wonder? Yes you could.
  20. Give yourself permission to experience prosperity.
  21. Play like a child with hope.
  22. Read positively inspiring stories. Be inspired.
  23. In silence. Your personal power shines.
  24. Imagination thinks. Words speak. God delivers
  25. Hope for eternal optimists without hope.
  26. May peace, always, be with you.
  27. Your story is not the end.
  28. Your story is just the beginning.
  29. When you forgive, you are forgiven.
  30. My God. My love. My life.
  31. Let love flow and life flourishes.
  32. In a rush? Slow yourself down.
  33. Breathe Deeply. Connect Lovingly. Materialize easily.
  34. Believe. There is power in silence.
  35. When you experience anxiety. Hope’s lost.
  36. Relax. Breathe deeply. Bring hope back.
  37. I see good in every situation.
  38. I give thanks for radiant health.
  39. I give thanks for abundant wealth.
  40. When I need direction. I ask.
  41. Embrace eternal health and life shines.
  42. Let God play His part today.
  43. Life’s a game, so play it.
  44. I see the open road. Clearly.
  45. Emancipate yourself from experiencing mental slavery.
  46. You are the force that guides.
  47. Transcend your conditioning to experience self.
  48. What you desire, is His desire.
  49. The formless substance connects us all.
  50. When you have faith, life expands.
  51. Always stay true to your word.
  52. Together we strive. Alone we’re lost.
  53. You are always under direct inspiration.
  54. Love your work and success follows.
  55. Passion lives in the smallest detail.
  56. Suffering is optional. It’s your choice.
  57. Whatever you give, will be yours.
  58. Oneness with the Divine brings peace.
  59. You never receive what’s never given.
  60. The perfect plan. Is your life.
  61. I love my world of joy.
  62. Eternal joy comes from knowing yourself.
  63. When you breathe. You will know.
  64. I give thanks, and I receive.
  65. Whatsoever you will, I give you.
  66. Your hand is my hand magnified.
  67. Infinite intelligence flows through me today .
  68. Become a channel for Divine love.
  69. Change your thoughts. Change your life.
  70. Cause, not effect, will transform life.
  71. I am an instrument for growth.
  72. Your challenges are there for strength.
  73. Nurture your divinity. It guides life.
  74. New thought, teaches you are God.
  75. Love life, live, and be happy.
  76. Your life is waiting, for you.
  77. Focus attention on spirit and prosper.
  78. Pray to be guided, and listen.
  79. Heaven on earth or hell. Choose.
  80. Trust in yourself and miracles happen.
  81. It helps if you choose life.
  82. Listen to the wisdom within yourself.
  83. Spend time alone. Rest your soul.
  84. Are you searching? You’re not lost.
  85. Those who search are always found.
  86. The answer lies in your question.
  87. Your life. Is Poetry, in motion?
  88. Accept yourself and the battles over.
  89. Worry or faith. They both deliver.
  90. Different paths. Same result. Obvious Truth.
  91. Mark your words by their meaning.
  92. Father. Son. Holy Spirit. My truth.
  93. Metaphysics teaches we are all one.
  94. Inspirational Guidance comes from your soul.
  95. Meditation. Helps you confront true peace.
  96. No matter how long it takes.
  97. Never give up. You’re almost there.
  98. Your Divine self loves you. Believe.
  99. Seek the joy. It finds you.
  100. Outside searching won’t help. Inside will.
  101. God creates. Therefore you create too.

My wish for you is that one of these 101 six word stories/spiritual affirmations resonates with you enough to make you write it out, pin it up on your wall and carry it round in your pocket so you always remember.

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Happy Thanks Giving 2012 to all those who celebrate this holiday.