While it is my intention to promote my eBook and then physical book I am also writing short stories and memoirs to help me improve my skills. Yesterday while standing in the kitchen  a series of thoughts came into my head which ended with me writing a short story called re.lent.

For a while now I have been saying to friends (and in a few of my blog posts) that I would rather write stories that get my message across rather than regular blog posts. Now that I have been speaking and visualizing that for a few months I think the rest of me has finally followed along because I sat and wrote out this complete story yesterday and await my next spark of inspiration to write another one.  I know the more I write them the quicker the inspiration will hit.

Relate that to your life too. Whatever it is you want to work towards as long as you keep speaking about it and being open to it happening while taking action on it too it will come to pass. It is only when you ask once or twice and then forget about it that what we desire does not appear.

If you like reading short stories I hope you enjoy re.lent. Please feel free to share the story with family and friends. To download your copy click the link below:

RE.LENT free ebook

Isabella Milne is a woman in pain. She has left behind her business and her friends and gone off in search of love and affection from strange men she never remembers in the morning. One morning, after waking up in bed with yet another naked stranger Isabella goes home in disgust and falls asleep. The dream that follows convinces her to abandon her self-sabotaging ways. During a visit to a workshop Isabella discovers tools that help put her on the path towards changing her life. One day her past comes back to haunt her and Isabella must decide whether she continues towards her compelling future or goes back to a past she had planned to leave behind.

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