The Game Of Life & How To Play It (free eBook)

The Game Of Life & How To Play It is a book written by Florence Scovel Shinn in the 1930s that focuses on the metaphysical topic of what is commonly called the law of attraction. In this wonderful book, which changed my life last year, Florence Shinn shows you how to develop prosperity and includes the importance of understanding that prosperity includes being happy, having great relationships with family and friends, being spiritually nourished along with financially secure.

As well as sharing her original book – which is in the public domain and is free to share

The Game Of Life & How To Play It by Florence Shinn

I have also written my own summary of each chapter and what I learnt from reading it. I always find it helps me to integrate my learning if I write down notes on what I learn from reading a book. This time I decided to share those notes.

The Game Of Life Summary

I have been really inspired by writers from the 1930s as they wrote a lot about metaphysics and it is a topic I decided to study during 2012. They were very open with calling the energy that surrounds us God, but don’t let that word put you off, you do not have to be religious to read their work or to believe in the way unseen forces can support you in life.

I hope you enjoy those two free eBooks. Please feel free to share this blog post with anyone you know who may be interested in reading them.