The trick to visualization working is to know how to use it correctly. This is where many people stumble but making sure you are using visualization correctly is not difficult.

I want to point out that this is not a technique you use once or twice a week and expect an avalanche of goodness to come your way.

To successfully learn how to visualize you must be ready to make a consistent and committed effort in using it, reflecting on what worked and what didn’t, and keep using it until you experience the result you desire.

Another thing you want to avoid doing – and something I know from experience – is using it to help you get somewhere and then stopping.

You may think now you have success that you don’t need to continue using it. I have found with hindsight that using tools like affirmations and visualization works best when it is always used on a daily basis for every goal short term and long term every day of your life.

Once you know how to do it, it really does not have to take you very long and you learn how to spend time in traffic or on a train journey sitting and visualising/affirmation your success!

Get into the mindset that this is a tool for life, just like brushing your teeth or washing up, that you will use daily.

What Stops People Using Visualization?

You know that saying about a bad workman blaming his tools? Well it is a little like that here. Visualization works. Period. It doesn’t work for people who:

  • Can’t be bothered to learn how to use it correctly (obviously not you!)
  • Believe they can’t “see” (I cover that below)
  • Is suffering from being mentally lazy because they have not used visualization before (that can be improved with practise and patience)
  • Are not 100% focused on their image (you can’t do this today then don’t bother for the next two days, then half attempt it the next day …)
  • Keep changing their visual image (you confuse yourself and effectively ‘start again’ if you keep changing your visualisation)
  • Are not patience enough to wait to see results. Visualization gets stronger the more you use it and so patience is a necessary requirement for success.
So stop blaming visualization and start working on making it work for you by learning how to visualize effectively.

Be Open To Seeing What You Want

It is so difficult to teach someone how to use this techniques if they believe they can not see anything and if that is you, you are in a little bit of a catch-22 situation.

As long as you keep telling yourself you can’t see anything you won’t be able to see anything because that is how powerful your mind is – it will believe whatever you tell it and you will experience only what you believe the most.

Be open to seeing what you want to imagine. You have the power to do this. You can start by closing your eyes and “seeing” a room in your house.

See where the door is and where your furniture is situated. Even if you do not actually SEE you will get a sense of where everything is and it will feel very clear to you. After attempting to see a room try your office or a place you are familiar with.

See the building, walk up the stairs and go into a room. Take yourself through the room and go through everything that is within it.

Like I said, as you learn about using visualization correctly you may see nothing but you will get a sense of everything. You will know where the stairs are in your office or in your house without needing to see them.

Start there, with time and practise you will get stronger and you will actually see objects, yourself and other people.